Industrial Robots. Open for Creativity.

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Welcome to Robo.Op, an Open Hardware project for hacking Industrial Robots.

Robo.Op provides hardware and software resources for quickly prototyping custom end-effectors, so you can do strange things with industrial robots.
Industrial robots (IR) are expensive, closed, proprietary machines. As a consequence, these incredible machines tend to be limited to industrial applications: where it is safer, cheaper, faster, or more efficient to use robots instead of with humans. High costs also extend to peripheral devices of industrial robots: external axes, mounting plates, cables, connectors are all add-on costs that further reduce the economic accessibility of these systems. However, a shift has begun. Artists, architects and designers are beginning to gain access to these machines –– and they are exploring strange new modes of integrating industrial robotics into creative workflows.


Robo.Op is a hardware & software toolkit for exploring the fringes of industrial robotics. Documentation can be found in two sections:

  1. Code for live communication between your Robot & Processing, Arduino, OSC can be found [here](
  2. Resources for building your own *Universal Adaptor Shield* can be found [here](


Robo.Op is an ongoing-project. We are currently developing:

  1. Additional project examples for: mark-making, light drawing, projection mapping, human-robot interaction.
  2. Android templates for remotely controlling Industrial Robots with mobile devices.
  3. ROS node for more advanced motion planning.

We are looking for collaborators to port robot code from ABB to other brands, such as KUKA, Stabuli, FANUC, etc.

Authors and Contributors

Robo.Op was started by Madeline Gannon (@madelinegannon), Zack Jacobson-Weaver (@zackjw), and Mauricio Contreras (@maurothesandman).